Dairy Powders

Commercial Creamy is a premier Dairy Powder producer. We not only make our own Sour Cream to dry, but we also culture our own yogurt, so you know you are getting the freshest, most consistent product. Our quality is evident and you will see and taste the difference. Our yogurt powder is available in conventional and kosher varieties for your blends, dips, dressings, and any product that you would use fresh yogurt.

Sour Cream

Thick, creamy, tangy, and delicious are all words to describe sour cream. Sour Cream is made by adding lactic acid bacteria to cream and allowing the mixture to ferment. At Commercial Creamery, we make our own sour cream to dry and it can be used in seasonings, blends, sauce mixes, dressings, and many other products.

This versatile ingredient would be a great addition to your products, contact us for a sample and see how it can improve your foods!


What’s there not to love about butter? Its rich, creamy texture adds flavor to any product. We start with fresh butter and dry it into easy to use powder that has the benefit of ambient storage and a longer shelf-life than fresh.

We have numerous types of Dairy Powders depending on your needs and application: conventional, kosher, kosher organic, and grass-fed. Ask your rep for a sample today!

Our other Dairy Powders include

Dry Cultured Buttermilk Blend
Cream Powder • Yogurt Powder

Our Cream Powder is available in Conventional, Kosher, Organic, and Kosher Organic.
Contact your rep today for samples!

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